Edward Anthony is a professor of coastal geomorphology at CEREGE, Aix-Marseille University. Author of +160 published papers (Web-of-Science H-index: 36), EA has carried out research over the last 35 years on the Amazon-influenced coasts of South America, West Africa, the Mediterranean, the English Channel and North Sea, and the Mekong and Ayeyarwady River deltas, focusing on coastal morphodynamics, sediment flux, and the nexus between the human and natural dimensions of coasts, and human impact on coastal and river geomorphology, sediment dynamics, and mangrove ecology, in the face of global change, sea-level rise and river perturbations. This activity is supported by various on-going grants and projects and involves collaboration with French universities, the IRD, European, Japanese, American, Vietnamese and Moroccan colleagues. Two particular areas of focus are river deltas (Belmont Forum grant 2014-2017) and mangroves (regular collaboration with WWF). His scientific approach involves experimental field work, innovative uses of remote-sensing data, and modelling. EA provides expertise on tropical coastal vulnerability, has supervised 30 PhD theses, and teaches at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. EA is Editor-in-Chief of Marine Geology since October 2015, and member of the editorial boards of Scientific Research, Journal of Coastal Research, and Journal of Marine Science and Engineering.